Kids Room



Our specialty is children and our office is uniquely designed to handle their needs. We have over 600 sq. ft. of specifically designed “child-oriented” reception area. Chiropractic pre natal care for moms allows their deliveries to be virtually complication free and with nearly 40% less hard labor, according to national statistics. Our “Space Coast Chiro Kids” love it here!  With games, toys, drawing boards and an emphasis on spinal education, children gain a healthy respect for the human body that carries into their adulthood.

We often have entire families getting their spines checked. Our kids’ room is the perfect setting for children young and older to play and learn about their spinal health through chiropractic care in a friendly family atmosphere.

The Miller Family


Three of our latest "Chiro Kids"


Babies love chiropractic care too. Big brother and sister of two of the new babies look on. Heather brought a baby of her own for me to check. After all, if it's good for her and her new brother Andrew, it's good for her baby as well. The difference chiropractic care makes on the immune systems and lives of these and all the hundreds of other "Chiro Kids" I see is truly remarkable. Remember, these children do not come to the office on their own; they visit our office because their parents are well informed about having their children's spines free from subluxation. If you would like to find out why we see so many children, come to our "FREE Workshop" every Tuesday evening at 6:00PM, you will not be disappointed.